Pet minding in their own homes

A place called ‘home’

A place called ‘home’

Too funny! That after 6 months of jumping from house to house, four legged friend to four legged friend, the energy around not having a ‘base’ was a bit much for this homebody.  I am quite proud of myself that I lasted this long really, because for a hermit homebody type person, the home really is my ‘sanctuary’, the ‘safe place’, ‘my corner of the world’, and it’s really confronting to not have that.

I really did just throw caution to the wind, to emotionally jump out of the plane and ‘find my parachute on the way down’.  It certainly puts you in a particular frame of mind, a mindset that sees all opportunities and complacency was not an option. You kind of feel really switched on and alert, it’s probably all that cortisol pumping through my veins because I didn’t know where the hell I’d be sleeping in a few weeks or next Monday. Look it wasn’t that bad, I have a handful of beautiful friends that said ‘we have a spare room or a couch’, which is great to have, and I certainly felt safe that if shit went down or things fell through that I would have a safe place to land, but I didn’t want to be that person, the friend that asks for assistance, maybe I’m just a little proud, but as I said before, it’s really nice to have the offer.

After 6 months I thought ‘I’ve had enough’, I still had months of back to back bookings and I thought if I don’t have any more bookings after February 2018 then I will get a flat or find a friend who is looking for a flatmate. And really it just happened, even though I still had a million bookings, my head was feeling a little tired, probably adrenal exhaustion, but a friend who I was staying with asked if I wanted to move in ‘like proper, like a real flatmate’, and I just beamed with an excitable sigh of relief, the timing was perfect, it felt like the road literally rose to meet me……How good is that! That the opportunity arose just as I was about to crumble.

I called Taxi Box and got my stuff back out of storage, I still felt like I was on my minimalistic mission, to cull everything that is not essential or beautiful, so more stuff got given to the charity shops and my life and heart feels lighter again…..settled and light.  And now it doesn’t matter if a client changes their dates or if a booking falls through altogether, then I just go home, and when the jobs do come in, off I go and hang out with my new furry four legged friends who are in need of company (like we all are) and a little bit of a cuddle when their families are away.

But back to the funny! That just as I moved in, I was coordinating my calendar and I thought ‘oh my god my next booking is in Maroubra’, it was booked in months ago and didn’t notice the synchronicity, how brilliant that my next gig was in my new hood, and the funniest thing, she lives two doors down!! Extra brilliantness

So this is Cherry, cheeky little cavoodle, she’ll run off after her furry mates like a million miles away it frightens the shit out of you, but you just have to keep an eye on her cos she can bolt at any minute and of course like all cheeky dogs, will steal everyone’s ball, but hey what a great neighbour to have.

Tez x





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