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About Me

About Me

My name is Teri Adamson, I am the brainchild of Purrfect Home Minding Services.

The whole concept was kind of a happy accident. I was approached by a couple of different friends that had asked me to pet sit and house mind collectively for about 4 months.

Now Sydney is expensive, so I thought if I packed my stuff into a Taxi Box and move out of my flat, I could save quite a bit of cash over those 4 months…..I thought I’d be an idiot if I didn’t make the most of this opportunity, why would I keep paying rent if I didn’t have to? So I got brave and I made a radical decision…….

The dates for the second petminding gig kept changing and both jobs kept moving further and further apart. I wondered if anyone else would be going on holiday and might need my services so I could fill in the space in between?

Realistically, every day on facebook there is another happy holiday pic, a snapshot of someones feet in front of some gorgeous beach setting, or a glass of champagne or a spritz in front of some other beautiful holiday view…..who is looking after their four legged furry friends I hear you ask! Well that is my question…….so yes the ball kept rolling.

I was only suppose to do it for 4 months and then I was going to stop and settle back into a permanent home again……So its been since April 2017 that I packed my life into a storage box and started on the road of looking after people’s furry friends.

All of my bookings so far have been through my social circles, I have not needed to advertise as such, and to be honest I would prefer to only do bookings that come through my social circles. I think we all need a referral, going both ways, but especially for my clients, there needs to be an element of trust with having a relative stranger in your home, looking after what is most important to you, so a friend of a friend is a happy medium.

Because my bookings so far have been through mates, my bookings are generally within the Eastern Suburbs and Inner West, but I am beginning to get requests from further afield.

If you would like to request a booking you can have a look at my bookings page to check my availability, or you could just send me a quick email, because if the dates are already taken I can place you on my waitinglist and if I get a cancellation then I can look after you.

Tez x

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