Pet minding in their own homes

Bill the Bulldog

Bill the Bulldog

He stole it, he owned it, he was social, he ran around, he chewed it, he sat in it and he did not want to go…..He is definitely an afternoon boy. I couldn’t get him out of the house (easily) at 9am, inspired him to get down the stairs but could I get him in the car? Not a chance! One look at that thing and all I got was a sitting protest and then a definite turn around and walking back up those stairs. You can’t push them, if he’s not into it he’s not into it….but come afternoon he was keen as mustard to get the lead on and saunter towards the front door knowing that we were off to his happy place where balls, smells, running and most of all that baby’s bath tub was waiting for him in that afternoon sun. And could I get him to leave after two and a half hours? Again not a chance. Did he fall asleep like a baby on the way home? Yes 😂😂😂😎🐕✨👏🏼 #heknowswhathewants #dogpark #afternoonboy #dogsofinstagram #bulldogs #butidontwanttogoyet @purrfecthomeminding

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