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Christmas in Tamarama

Christmas in Tamarama

Christmas and New Year took me to Minky also known as ‘Pussycat’ of Tamarama. A week off work, as much beaching as a person can get and lots of chillaxing.

Pussycat was a delight to photograph, those crystal blue eyes aaaah beautiful. We went on little outings everyday to the courtyard below, but she never liked to stay very long, just flicked that fluffy tail around, sniffed a few things then sauntered back up the stairs to the apartment. But sometimes her curiosity of the dark hallway staircase got the better of her and off she went, adventuring up those dark stairs and wouldn’t come down……so I just sat on the stairs and waited for her to do her thang.¬† The neighbours would come out of their places and give me a look as if to say ‘who the hell is this strange woman sitting on the stairs’, but hey I wasn’t there for them, I was there doing my guardian duties for a cat who is pretty much an indoor cat. Then Pussycat would curl her tail around my leg and headbutt the door to the apartment saying ‘ok, I’m done now, lets go in and have some chicken and a laydown’……and so we did.

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