Pet minding in their own homes

It’s been 5 months….

It’s been 5 months….

Wow, it doesn’t feel like 5 months since I packed my belongings into a taxi box and decided to travel light. To spend my time moving from empty house to empty house looking after small furry four legged friends who are alone whilst their families are off on holiday.

First there was Indi in Hurstville, then Boujee in Paddington, Ollie in Bondi, Teddy in Balmain and for the last 2 months Minky and Strauss in a Dover Heights. It has been a fun ride meeting all of these precious souls, and getting to give love, cuddles and kindness to them. It’s nice to give love, I really miss having animals of my own so it’s brilliant I get to use that need in me to love a little being that needs it. I do miss them when I move on to the next job but then again I get all caught up with the next experience, so it’s all good.

Not too sure how long I’ll keep this up, the having ‘no permanent base’ thing. I have bookings up until early Feb 2018, so if the bookings slow down I think I’ll get a little pad for me to call home then. I’ll still be available for pet and home minding, I’ll just be doing from a place of support rather than being essentially homeless and just hoping to god another job comes in. It has been a bit nerve wracking not knowing if I’ll have a bed to sleep in next month, but I have a wonderful network of friends and realistically I have only had to stay in a friends spare room for 1 night at a time twice, so that’s evidence of good flow for the last 5 months



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