Pet minding in their own homes



The thing I’m really enjoying about this whole petsitting gig, is that it has made me a lot more social than I have ever been. I mean I have my friends and I do socialise but the process of organising the new gigs is that I have a chat or text with people who I wouldn’t normally chat with on a daily or even weekly basis. Then I organise to pop over to their homes, chat with their kids, meet the furr family members and have another catch up over a cup of tea or a glass of wine. And because my gigs come through my social circle, usually it’s someone who I’ve known socially for a decade or two or it’s a friend of a friend that I may have met once or twice before. It just gets me out of my hermit habits, and I looooove that.

I love the getting in my car and thinking ‘where am I off to now’, ‘what new experience awaits me’, ‘what set up is the next house? Is it one cat? Is it 2 dogs and cat? What’s the neighbourhood like? I love all these variables, it keeps me on my toes, it gives me a sense of adventure but panders to my hermit side as I’m still essentially ‘at home’ cooking dinner and watching telly! I’m just doing it in someone else’s home.

And I really noticed tonight, how important and special it is what I offer, to come to the pets home rather than ship the animals off to a cattery or a kennel. Especially if there is more than one animal, if you have 2 dogs and cat there is no way it would be a choice to send them off site, first off they would be split up because cat and dog boarding rarely occur in the same venue and if they did go together they’d be shoved in together and frankly both options aren’t optimal. I loooove it that with this model of care, all the furry friends just stay home, no relocation, no separation. It’s bad enough that they miss their human families for a week or two but the rest just ticks along.

I love my Aunty Tez visits, even if it takes a few days for my new friends to get use to my company, I’m a patient soul and I like the journey, like the beginning of any friendship

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