Pet minding in their own homes

The Beautiful Beings of Rose Bay…..

The Beautiful Beings of Rose Bay…..

Ah January I had my first rebook for these two gorgeous beings Ooshika and Cha Cha. I had looked after them back in December for a weekend and it was great that they remembered Aunty Tez and got back into the zone with me as their guardian for the week.

January has carried on the kitty carnival festivities, with back to back kitty care and next week off to do my last Northern Suburbs client, which will be 2 dogs and a cat; one epileptic dog, one blind older dog and one cat called Shadow.

I must say it’s jobs like this that it so reminds me why it’s so important that people like me exist to come to the home to care for the four leggeds. There is no way that sending each of these beings to a cattery and kennels would be a good idea. They live together and have done for years, they all need to be in their homes where they know their surroundings, they feel safe and most of all they get to stay together.

So Sunday night I’ll be on that trajectory and I’ll post a million pics on instagram I’m sure 😂




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