Pet minding in their own homes

The Normanhurst Crew

The Normanhurst Crew

I was a little worried at first when my friend Lisa said she needed me to look after her brewed of animals who have special needs. Leo is a rescue dog who has epilepsy and anxiety and needs daily medications, Frankie is an elderly Chihuahua who is deaf and blind, and Shadow is a ‘mischievous’ cat who likes to take a swipe at poor Frankie when he’s walking down the hallway just to confuse him, cheeky bugger!

They were an absolute hoot to look after, its so much fun with the dynamic of 3, because its not just me having a relationship with one lonely animal, I’m looking after an ecosystem, a family of fur friends. They all lol around on the porch together during the day as they are all outside animals in the day and of course (especially the cat) come in at night to sleep in the safety and warmth of home.

I so enjoyed watching their little habits and the way they related to each other, Frankie the Chihuahua sitting centre stage in the big dog bed and Leo the Catahoula cross sitting at the edge of the bed wondering how and where he’s going to fit on it……But if Leo got there first he would always sit to the side leaving enough room for the small Frankie to hop on and do that weird mouthing thing that dogs who are siblings do with each other, its kind of like a play fight/’feed me’/kiss type of thing, its adorable to watch.

I posted a million pics ‘as I do’ to Instagram so Lisa and her daughters could keep tabs on what was happening at home, I think the girls liked every post, I looooove that! I think it helps to know all is well at home, that the fur family are safe and chillaxing with Aunty Tez.

Anyway I’m home now for a week or so, then off to mind Cherry the Kavoodle who lives 2 doors down from me…..a little closer to home which is a nice change, no motorways to get home for a little while.

But I must say, I so love the different locations, it makes me feel like I’m having little mini holidays all over the place as I go along with my normal life, working my day job and doing my usual things but with a little element of change…..I love it, I really love this moving lifestyle that was accidentally introduced to me last April.  It’ll be a year soon, maybe I should have an anniversary party with all my clients, drinkies on a rooftop somewhere, a cheers and a thank you for being a part of my journey and letting me document their fur family in their homes.

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